Aion’s Ecosystem is Ready to Bloom This Fall

Joseph P. DiPasquale
8 min readAug 28, 2018

Aion’s token swap has begun and announcements about the token bridge, participating exchanges, wallets, developer tools, project launches, ICOs, and more are anticipated through the rest of 2018.

This post aims to catch you up on the latest project developments and introduce you to a couple of companies whose goal is to jump-start Positive Feedback Loops (PFLs) in the Aion Network — Bicameral Ventures and MavenNet.


Catching up: What is Aion?

  • Not-For-Profit Foundation

The Aion Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides core blockchain software development, leadership, and governance for the Aion Network.

Aion’s founders are Matt Spoke, Kesem Frank, and Jin Tu. They first worked together on Deloitte’s blockchain team before spinning out as their own startup (Nuco) to provide blockchain infrastructure services for enterprises. They have provided blockchain solutions for TMX Group, Moog, Deloitte, Government of Ontario, Vodafone, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and others.

Matt Spoke has many close and longstanding ties with the Toronto blockchain community. Matt is a Founding Steward of the Muskoka Group and a Founding Board Member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Matt was also appointed as an Advisor to the Ontario Securities Commission and Ministry of Finance.

Recently, Matt was announced as a Founding Director of the Blockchain Technology Coalition of Canada, an organization whose goals are to help design and promote blockchain industry standards for self regulation, promote education, and advocate for a Canadian legal and regulatory environment that protects consumers and fosters innovation.

The Aion team has grown quickly — Aion now has over 60 employees (including over 30 engineers) between their home office in Toronto and offices in Barbados and Shanghai.

  • Network of Blockchains

The Aion Network will use a hub-and-spoke model to connect public and private blockchains to each other through bridges connected to Aion’s…

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