This is a long one. Hunker down.

This post covers:

  • Why the Aion Project became The Open Application Network
  • What Moves Financial, The OAN, and AION mean to each other
  • Recent changes to AION’s long-term supply dynamics
  • Core tech improvements to The OAN for AION holders, validators, and developers

Do Your Own Research. Sources are linked throughout, and you can find a list of comprehensive information resources toward the end.

How It Started — Q4 2019

The Aion Project began in 2017 and became The Open Application Network at the end of 2019. AION remains The OAN’s native cryptocurrency.

The most significant change was the project’s…

The upcoming “Bitcoin Halving” or “Halvening” has received a lot of attention recently. This article briefly explains the supply dynamics at play during the Halving and compares the lesser-known Aion “Eighthing.”

The Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin’s code has built-in inflation reduction which cuts block rewards in half every 210,000 blocks (about every 4 years) in order to ensure a maximum total supply of 21 million BTC: in 2009, miners earned 50 BTC per block; in 2012, 25 BTC per block; in 2016, 12.5 BTC per block; and in just a few days, down to 6.25 BTC per block. This upcoming Halving will reduce the…

On April 6, the first version of Moves was launched: a loan product designed for gig workers. Moves is the first step toward an alternative financial system for gig workers built on The Open Application Network (The OAN)’s blockchain and secured by the AION digital asset.

Matt Spoke, Founder and CEO of The OAN and Moves, recently explained the vision and roadmap of this new consumer-facing product in a Reddit AMA. …

In November 2019, the world was introduced to The Open Application Network (“The OAN”). With the new name came a new vocabulary: “Platform Problems,” “Open Applications,” and “Unity Interleave.” Part rebrand and part refocus, the shift took many by surprise.

By lowering the barriers to blockchain for developers and consumer end-users while strengthening the economic security of the network, The OAN and AION are poised to make game-changing advances in the race for blockchain adoption.

Stuck in the Crypto Bubble

Most public blockchain and cryptocurrency projects market themselves exclusively within the “cryptosphere”: they announce news through crypto-exclusive media; they network and give talks at crypto-focused…

Imagine you are a conservative gambler with plenty of cash and time to spend in a casino. In a small, dimly-lit corner, you find some tables playing unfamiliar games with numerous nonstandard betting chips.

Many players are ranting about how great they are at the game they’re playing and how terrible everyone else is at it. Others are loudly accusing each other of cheating. Some players have massive stacks of chips, some are nearly broke, but most keep their bankroll out of sight. No one seems to have a firm grasp of the rules or which game they are playing…

AION is the digital asset that powers transactions and applications on The Open Application Network (OAN).

Now you can also use AION to help secure the network by staking— and earn more AION as a reward!

This is intended to be a quick zero-to-staked guide in 3 steps:

  1. Buy AION
  2. Store AION in a Wallet
  3. Stake (“Delegate”) Your AION

But first, let’s look at the economics of staking (or skip the next section to get straight to the guide):


AION’s tokenomics are stable while staking rewards are dynamic.

A block is added to The OAN’s blockchain about every ten seconds…

As blockchain technology matures, cryptocurrency traders must mature with it — or get left behind.

The cryptocurrency market swings primarily based on short-term speculation because there is still a long road ahead to mass adoption. Many projects are feeling the growing pains: they are no longer new enough for traders to bet big on, but not yet mature enough to justify higher market capitalization.

On a long enough timeline, if projects achieve their goals and their tech gets adopted, an equilibrium can be reached between hype and maturity. Traders who remain solely focused on hype through this transition, however, may be the ones left holding the bag when the dust settles.

The Crypto Hype Triple-Pendulum Is In Full Swing

By now, we have…

People are talking more about Aion, but not all of it is flattering — or true.

It is crucial to understand a cryptocurrency’s supply dynamics, and Aion’s can be hard to navigate for newcomers. This article addresses some of the most common questions and issues raised about Aion’s token supply and price performance.

As always, you should do your own research. This article is a summary of publicly-available information and the author recommends checking his sources for additional information and context:

Aion has distinguished itself as a protocol-layer smart contract and dApp platform that is faster and cheaper than Ethereum, is Solidity-compatible, and recently released a Java-based virtual machine that promises further advancements in speed, efficiency, and developer toolsets.

All of Aion’s technical achievements over the last year are noteworthy, but Aion is chiefly known as a blockchain interoperability project. This article aims to highlight Aion’s interoperability milestones to date and break down its latest code release — the Transwarp Conduit.

Token Bridge and Swap

The AION cryptocurrency began as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum in late 2017. Aion’s proof-of-work main net went live on…

Right now, you may have a lot of money in cryptocurrency. You may have relied on things you heard in social media, the news, or paid cryptocurrency advice publications. You may be at a +95% loss on your original buy-in.

I know your pain. I made some larger-than-usual cryptocurrency purchases in January 2018, myself, believing that cryptocurrency was going to continue increasing in value and that I’d make a profit. When the market took a downturn, I assumed it was temporary and that the masses would soon come to realize the potential of this groundbreaking, world-changing technology.

That hasn’t happened…

Joseph P. DiPasquale

Joseph is a Chicago trial attorney interested in blockchain technology and alternative dispute resolution.

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